Disrupted? How to future-proof your supply chain with location and real-time visibility

Real-time visibility is often considered the ultimate destination when optimizing a supply chain, but it should really just be thought of as the first step in the process.

Today’s customers expect real-time visibility and full transparency across intermodal supply chains, yet few companies believe they have already achieved the full visibility this demands.

A platform-based approach is the critical step toward attaining the visibility needed ahead of further optimization investments and operations.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Why a platform-based approach is the critical step to gaining full visibility
  • How to plan for further optimization, self-healing and automation
  • How to leverage compute, location, and visibility platforms for the greatest impact


Adam Roark
Worldwide T&L Industry Lead

Glenn Koepke
SVP, Customer Success

Bart Coppelmans
Sr. Manager Global Industry Solutions
HERE Technologies

Peter Kueth
Sr. Manager Product Marketing
HERE Technologies

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