Benefits of Real-Time Visibility for Retailers

“By 2023, 50% of global leading enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility solutions.” – Gartner, RTTVP Market Guide

Leading national retailers rely on FourKites

Fast, Flexible Fulfillment

Reduce delivery times, adapt to seasonal changes, and maximize on-shelf availability with FourKites’ supply chain analytics for retail.

Strategic Delivery Management

Know exactly where your shipments are and when they’ll arrive with retail supply chain tracking solutions. Gain visibility into inbound deliveries to optimize dock activities and ensure product freshness.

Maximize Revenue

Minimize lost sales, meet fluctuating customer demand, and optimize labor scheduling to maximize revenue with FourKites’ retail supply chain management solutions (SCM).

Real-Time Supply Chain Visibility for Retail

The world’s largest retailers eliminate supply chain blindspots with FourKites. With the largest network of logistics tracking data and proprietary machine learning technology, FourKites’ real-time transportation visibility platform helps retailers identify risks to on-time deliveries, so that they can create exceptional customer experiences and win in the on-demand economy. Our retail supply chain tracking solutions enable companies to seamlessly adapt to seasonal demand shifts, optimize their fulfillment processes and right-size their inventory.

How FourKites Benefits Retail Companies

Benefit #1: Fast, Flexible Fulfillment

  • Real-time visibility and SKU-level load tagging allows you to calculate accurate cycle times and predict arrivals with unprecedented accuracy
  • Proactively identify and mitigate risks to on-time delivery before they occur to ensure product availability with predictive analytics
  • Maximize traceability in your end-to-end supply chain with visibility from origin to destination


FourKites proactively identified that 61% of retail loads in 2018 arrived late.

“Our goal is to deliver the best possible customer service, and supply chain visibility from FourKites plays an important role in that.”

Kim Palombo, VP of Transportation, PetSmart

Benefit #2: Improved Retailer Relationships

  • Collaborate with supply chain partners to receive notifications for shipment arrival, so you can plan appropriate staffing for deliveries and maximize the time associates spend with customers on the floor
  • Gain real-time ETAs on inbound shipments to manage dock activities and scheduling during peak hours
  • Real-time temperature tracking ensures perishable freshness throughout the shipment’s journey, preventing product spoilage
  • Track store deliveries directly in the FourKites mobile app, gaining unprecedented visibility into short haul, multi-stop loads


A major retailer was able to reduce their check calls by 33% with FourKites.

“With FourKites, our Retail Managers are able to maintain delivery windows for planning, and are able to provide greater certainty of ETAs the day of and prior to delivery.”

Jim Burnett, Retail Logistics Manager at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store

Benefit #3: Maximize Revenue

  • Ensure product availability on shelves to win in the on-demand economy and minimize lost sales.
  • Predictive ETAs, delivery notifications and location tracking ensure optimal labor planning and reduce high labor costs.
  • Collaborate with vendors and partners to gain a 180-degree view of your supply chain so you can proactively manage inventory and reduce excess safety stock.

“With the use of FourKites, we implemented a store ticketing system to report a late arrival. Being able to look in the platform for the ETA on that truck cuts down a lot of time waiting for carriers to update us. We have early AM deliveries and often times it is difficult to get customer service at those hours. Our district managers also have access to the platform and can check a truck’s ETA to a store without even having to generate a ticket or call the team.”

Jane Kennedy, Manager- Carrier Relations & Supply Chain Communications, Michaels

Access End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility for Retail

As the retail industry rapidly evolves to meet changing consumer trends, so does FourKites’ software. Gain total visibility into your inbound shipments to ensure on-shelf product availability, optimized labor scheduling and reduced safety stock. End-to-end temperature monitoring ensures that products are fresh and available when customers are shopping. From general merchandise to perishables, FourKites’ real-time visibility platform gives retailers a competitive advantage in the on-demand economy.

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How FourKites Helps PetSmart Empower Employees

FourKites improved PetSmart’s shipment visibility, helping them to improve resource allocation customer service.

See FourKites in Action

Learn how real-time visibility can drive real business results for retail customers.

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See FourKites in Action

Learn how real-time visibility can drive real business results