Benefits of Real-Time Visibility for Food & Beverage Brands

“By 2023, 50% of global leading enterprises will have invested in real-time transportation visibility solutions.” – Gartner, RTTVP Market Guide

18 of the top-20 global Food & Beverage companies rely on FourKites

Enhance End-to-end Visibility

Know exactly where your shipments are and when they’ll arrive. Improve on-time delivery, reduce lead times and proactively manage demand.

Improve Relationships

Eliminate data siloes with FourKites’ real-time visibility platform, and collaborate seamlessly with your partners to streamline processes, build stronger relationships and improve service levels.

Reduce Costs

In food and beverage transportation, charges add up quickly. FourKites helps you minimize those risks by reducing detention, optimizing labor planning and eliminating product loss on temperature-controlled shipments.

Real-Time Food and Beverage Supply Chain Visibility

The world’s largest food and beverage companies eliminate supply chain blindspots with FourKites. With the largest network of logistics tracking data and proprietary machine learning technology, FourKites’ real-time visibility platform powers data-driven insights and proactive risk management on your food and beverage shipments. FourKites’ market-leading visibility solutions enable cold chain temperature monitoring and precise supply chain orchestration in an industry where timing is everything.

How FourKites Benefits Food and Beverage Companies

Benefit #1: End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

How FourKites addresses these pain points:

  • Automate track-and-trace processes with customizable notifications and alerts
  • Increase capacity utilization based on real-time logistics data
  • Accurately predict cycle times and delivery windows with machine learning-driven analytics
  • Support sustainability goals by tracking the carbon footprint of your loads


Smithfield’s on-time delivery rate increased from 87% to 94% with FourKites predictive supply chain visibility.


Within just three months, C&S Wholesale’s customer service teams reported a 65% decrease in check calls.

“FourKites gives us comprehensive visibility in a simplified platform that allows us to quickly and effectively manage our shipments in transit. This allows us to be more collaborative with our customers and vendors in a complex, fragmented supply chain.”

Jason Wicklund, Supply Chain Leader, Land O’Lakes

Benefit #2: Improved Retailer Relationships

How FourKites addresses these pain points:

  • Easily access load status and share secure, live-tracking dashboards with your customers
  • Avoid stock-outs and allow retail customers to account for inventory in transit
  • Meet OTIF requirements and improve customer satisfaction
  • Take action to prevent product loss before it spoils your relationships with retailers or threatens food safety


Retail customers who participated in the FourKites-powered Delivery Alerts for C&S Wholesale were 20% more satisfied with their experience.


Using FourKites, Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated reduced excess inventory and cost per case delivered, while also improving in-stock position to over 99%.

“It’s all about transforming the customer experience and providing superior service from orders to delivery. C&S Delivery Alerts through FourKites gives our customers all the information they need to plan. When customers know when to expect their deliveries, they can make operational choices that reduce costs and drive their revenue.”

Joe Cavaliere, Chief Commercial Officer,  C&S Wholesale Grocers

Benefit #3: Lower Logistics Costs

How FourKites addresses these pain points:

  • Use FourKites’ precise ETA data to manage appointment windows and minimize retailer fines, including OTIF
  • Identify operational efficiencies and reduce detention costs by leveraging detailed analytics by facility, carrier and customer
  • Plan dock labor more effectively with inbound shipment ETAs
  • Validate charges from carriers and engage in more informed contract negotiations with robust tracking data


One of the nation’s largest food distributors has reduced YTD detention costs by $59,000.


One major meat processing company saves up to $500 per load on late shipments disputed by using FourKites data.

“With a solution like this, we empower our warehouses, planning department, and production functions to operate with better information and improve execution.”

Brett Frankenberg, Senior Vice President, Product Supply Planning, Coke Consolidated

FourKites Empowers Food & Beverage Shippers to Adapt to Market Changes

Learn how shippers and carriers are using visibility to more effectively incorporate predictability into their planning processes!


Partner with FourKites for Best-in-Class  Food and Beverage Freight Tracking

As demands on food and beverage shippers continue to evolve, so does FourKites’ real-time supply chain visibility solution. Proactive management of risks, collaborative planning on inventory and improved communication streamlines food and beverage transportation. With real-time food and beverage logistics tracking, you benefit from increased transparency and faster cycle times for this sensitive freight.

Driven by the world’s largest network of logistics data, and tracking more than 600,000 loads per day, FourKites redefines traditional supply chain management, giving you a competitive advantage.

Arrival management capabilities
AI/machine learning analytics
Collaborative network solutions
Multi-modal coverage and predictive visibility

[eBook] A Supply Chain Leader’s Guide to Optimizing Food & Beverage Logistics

Tastes change, markets change and delivery demands change, but when armed with real-time supply chain visibility, food and beverage shippers can be more agile as long-term best practices become obsolete in a rapidly changing world.

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Learn how Land O’Lakes improved customer service by rolling out real-time transportation visibility and growing user engagement across its food and agribusiness operations.

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See FourKites in Action

Learn how real-time visibility can drive real business results