5 Ways Retailers are Combating Risk and Maximizing Value

Actionable insights from surveying 200 global retail executives

What’s inside

    • Top THREE challenges retailers currently face and how to resolve them.
    • How to reduce unplanned costs, create operational efficiencies and increase productivity.
    • TWO future challenges that retailers are expecting and how to get ahead of them.
    • How to build an agile and adaptive supply chain to mitigate future disruptions.

We want to make sure that we’re providing an opportunity for our store associates to be the trusted partner for our pet parents, and not have to think about when their delivery is going to get there.

– Dawn Goudie, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Service Center, PetSmart

A negative customer experience could mean you lose a shopper for life in the retail world.

– Glenn Koepke, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, FourKites

Major retailers rely on FourKites real-time visibility platform

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