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Instant gratification is something we’re counseled to get over as we grow older. And for the most part, we do. Except when it comes to e-commerce. In that case, we’re as impatient as a hungry infant crying to be fed. When it comes to our online orders, whatever they may be, we want them today, or no later than tomorrow. Not only do we want to know when that package is going to arrive, we want to know where it is right now.

That heightened consumer expectation has moved up the supply chain to include all the players along the way — shippers and receivers, brokers, logistics companies, and trucking companies. Whether you are engaged in last-mile delivery or hauling containers from a port, your customers and their customers want to know where their goods are in real time. And they want to be able to get this information easily, from a smartphone app or a web browser.

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