European ports will be hit hardest by delays from Suez Canal backups, but U.S. supply chains will feel the pinch in exacerbated bottlenecks at West Coast ports, experts say.

Global supply chains will feel the effects of the Suez Canal backups for weeks, and the situation is likely to exacerbate choke points at West Coast ports in the United States as the economic recovery from the pandemic continues.

Trans-Pacific cargo routes to the U.S. will be hit by longer wait times at already crowded terminals at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, and many shippers will seek alternate routes for their goods, according to Glenn Koepke, an analyst with supply chain visibility platform FourKites. Kopeke cited week-long wait times in L.A. and Long Beach even before the Evergreen Line Corp.’s “Ever Given” ship ran aground on March 23, halting traffic through the waterway for a week. Impending delays will only worsen the problem, he said.

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