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CHICAGO, Jan. 03, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FourKites, the market leader in end-to-end supply chain visibility for shippers and 3PLs, today announced that KeepTruckin has joined the FourKites ELD Certification Program, an initiative to encourage business practices that facilitate supply chain data transparency.

KeepTruckin provides customers a fully compliant ELD solution with a comprehensive suite of features, including: GPS tracking, IFTA reporting, idle time tracking, and vehicle diagnostics. Drivers may use the KeepTruckin logbook app, available for both Android and iOS, to automatically record hours of service records. KeepTruckin aims to bring greater efficiency and safety to the trucking industry through an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can be accessed from any device.

“With the ELD mandate now coming to fruition, it’s more important than ever that customers know which devices they can trust to become ELD compliant and maximize their operational improvement potential,” said John Verdon, Head of Partnerships at KeepTruckin. “We’re proud to receive this recognition from FourKites and determined to continue helping our customers achieve increased efficiency, safety, and value.”

FourKites believes that certifying trusted ELD providers will encourage shippers and 3PLs to help their carriers select ELD providers that comply with industry standards and support direct data sharing. That, in turn, helps those carriers fulfill mandatory visibility requirements in the most effective and efficient way.

“FourKites is pleased to recognize KeepTruckin for its leadership in making supply chains run more efficiently through its open architecture platform,” said Craig Fiander, Senior Vice President, Global Business Development for FourKites. “Data transparency has become foundational for any ELD provider that is delivering maximum customer satisfaction and compliance.”

FourKites certifies ELD providers based on four categories:

Data quality – provides secure and continuously updated real-time flow of, at a minimum, location information

Data accessibility – enables customers to access high-quality data without paying add-on integration, support or other fees

Operational integrity – values integrity in practices around customer data

Customer value – prioritizes customer success and works collaboratively to help customers achieve maximum value

About KeepTruckin

The KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook for Android, KeepTruckin Electronic Logbook for iPhone, and KeepTruckin Electronic Logging Device, are the #1 rated electronic logs and fleet management system in the market. Over 500,000 drivers and 20,000 fleets trust KeepTruckin for ELD compliance, IFTA reporting, GPS tracking and much more. To learn more, visit

About FourKites

FourKites is the real-time supply chain visibility platform that Fortune 500 companies and 3PLs trust to track shipment location and temperature and proactively manage exceptions. Using a proprietary predictive algorithm to calculate shipment arrival times, FourKites enables customers to lower their operating costs, improve on-time performance, and strengthen their end-customer relationships.

Using FourKites, blue-chip shippers and 3PLs share the same, real-time shipping location and status information from more than four million GPS/ELD devices, across all modes, including ocean, rail, parcel, and over-the-road. The platform is optimized for mobile and equipped with market-leading end-to-end security. To learn more, visit

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