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New features enhance FourKites’ end-to-end supply chain visibility across a “single pane of glass”

CHICAGO, Ill. May 9, 2023 — Leading supply chain visibility company FourKites has introduced several powerful new capabilities to enhance air freight visibility around the globe. These new features, including industry-leading dashboards and unique views into carrier events, split shipments and booking details, complement FourKites’ existing end-to-end international visibility solutions to help shippers proactively build routes based on in-transit inputs, all in a single user interface.

Heavyweight air is commonly used by shippers and freight forwarders to transport high-value goods, as well as to expedite shipments when delays occur. Now, FourKites’ unmatched data intelligence and enhanced air solutions help shippers optimize their supply chain faster and with greater accuracy than ever before — all seamlessly on the FourKites platform via end-to-end multimodal visibility.

New notable air visibility features provide the following benefits:

  • Carrier Events View allows shippers to compare data from carrier websites against FourKites’ milestones, events and highly accurate Dynamic ETAs® for Air that leverage machine learning and AI algorithms. This allows supply chain partners to increase workforce efficiencies and maximize collaboration based on high-quality, end-to-end visibility data.
  • Easy Load Creation enables shippers to generate air shipments with limited information, thereby accelerating their time to value with visibility.
  • New Dashboards — including a Transit Time Dashboard, On-time Performance Dashboard, Milestone Dashboard, Customer Health Dashboard and Lane Dashboard — allow for more strategic decision-making through insights on carrier and lane performance, tracking health and more.
  • Split Shipments let customers track shipments that have been split onto different flights or routes, and monitor quantity and weight at the flight level. This provides enhanced visibility into inventory levels, empowering shippers to improve resource planning and pickup scheduling.
  • Booking Details — including flight number, status, origin/destination, arrival/departure time, quantity, weight and volume — provide clear visibility into flight expectations compared to the tracking updates happening in real time.

“FourKites continues to be an essential partner in our ability to help our customers make informed freight forwarding decisions, keeping their timelines precise and costs under control,” said Chad Heller, Executive Vice President, Global Development at Pegasus Logistics. “We look forward to leveraging FourKites’ new air visibility solutions to strengthen supply chain logistics and enhance customer experiences around the globe.”

These new capabilities build upon FourKites’ recent significant expansion in air freight. Over the last 12 months, the company has experienced over 150% growth in air volume, and now tracks across more than 100 airlines and 17,000 airports, integrating with more than 20 major parcel providers to support high-value shipments. In addition, customers continue to benefit from FourKites’ Dynamic ETAs for Air — the industry-first innovation that tracks nearly 100% of air freight with highly accurate and automated ETAs within 9 hours of arrival.

“By offering true door-to-door air visibility, FourKites is focused on providing the full picture to help customers transport high-value freight efficiently,” said Priya Rajagopalan, chief product officer at FourKites. “Shippers and freight forwarders often rely on air to transport valuable goods and to speed up shipments in case of delays. FourKites’ new capabilities, created in close collaboration with our customers, represent a meaningful step forward in integrating air transport more efficiently in global supply chains.”

FourKites’ new air offerings are part of the company’s international solution suite that comprises ocean, air and rail, connecting global end-to-end supply chains through real-time visibility technology that helps shippers, carriers and 3PLs work better together. Similar to air visibility, FourKites’ Dynamic Ocean® also includes Dynamic ETAs powered by artificial intelligence, providing customers with the market’s most accurate ETAs for 98% of ocean shipments across all lanes worldwide.

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