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The leading analytics insights company for the shipping industry helps celebrate innovation in the Chicago region

CHICAGO, IL – March 27, 2017 – FourKites, a company providing real-time tracking and supply chain visibility solutions across transportation modes and digital platforms, will join the Chicago Innovation Awards, the Chicago region’s foremost annual celebration of innovation, in New York City on Monday, March 27 to ring the Closing Bell of the Nasdaq Stock Market. The event will emphasize the surge of innovation that is occurring in the Chicago region, and shine a spotlight on the organizations that make up its vibrant economy.

FourKites earned a Chicago Innovation Award for its progress in reshaping the logistics industry with real-time transparency and efficiency. The team identified a major problem within freight shipping and supply chain management – that legacy freight tracking processes have massive blind spots which cost shippers hundreds of millions of dollars annually. FourKites responded with a solution which builds a cross-connected, scalable platform that aggregates siloed data and delivers real-time freight visibility and orchestration that was not previously available. Using FourKites’ real-time tracking platform, shippers, brokers and carriers can share the same truck location and shipment status information — from onboard systems in the largest commercial fleets to individual owner-operator cellphones. Bypassing check calls and Electronic Data Interchange, FourKites saves time and money across the transportation spectrum and for customers like US Foods, Smithfield, NFI and Ruan.

“This annual event is an excellent example of how the Chicago Innovation Awards celebrates the spirit of innovation in organizations across all industries, sizes and sectors,” said Tom Kuczmarski, co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.

“We congratulate FourKites for winning the Chicago Innovation Awards, and applaud their commitment to innovation,” said Dan Miller, fellow co-founder of the Chicago Innovation Awards.

“FourKites is developing a major presence in Chicago and across the world as our real-time visibility offerings are modernizing and future-proofing the logistics industry,” said Matt Elenjickal, founder and CEO of FourKites. “Receiving recognition for our approach in solving an industry-wide problem as well as for helping Chicago get the recognition it deserves for its growing rank as a tech innovation hub is extremely meaningful, especially knowing we’re surrounded by so many local technology trailblazers.”

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