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Modernization efforts are improving customer service and driver safety

Lafayette, LA, October 25th, 2016 – Real-time tracking has become an integral part of our personal life: people can track their rideshare, food, and home deliveries in real-time, but many in the transportation industry have never been able to do the same with their truckload shipments. This lack of supply chain visibility causes thousands of delays, missed appointments, and phone calls to customers and carriers – which in turn cause driver safety hazards – every day, as well as adding to overall costs.

Today, Dupré Logistics announced its modernization initiative that is increasing supply chain visibility with FourKites’ real-time tracking platform. Dupré Logistics, a Top 100 Company, and leader in safety, has been using FourKites real-time tracking platform for 3 months and is already reaping significant benefits.

With a large number of long-term customer relationships – most have been with Dupré for several years – improving service for internal and external customers throughout the supply chain has always been a priority. Dupré’s Vice President of SCS, Mike Weindel, discussed these game-changing customer service enhancements:

“We can share FourKites’ location data and ETA with both our shipping and receiving customers, so while we’re preventing calls and emails to our customer service team, our account team can actually use it as a sales tool for prospective customers. Everyone here has accurate tracking information and digital logs, so there’s no calling the drivers and distracting them with ETA requests, and we can use FourKites delay notifications to quickly correct and minimize exceptions. We’re also able to build better carrier relationships by getting billed, settled, and paying them faster than before, without the extra cost of third-party factoring.” Mike continued, “Improving these relationships is key because when carrier lanes are tight, more shippers and drivers are choosing Dupré over our competitors.”

“In researching how supply chain visibility could streamline logistics operations, we learned that FourKites could aggregate the tracking data from all of our trucks and immediately wanted to learn more.” Dupré CIO Bob Verret explained, “While there were other platforms we explored, we chose FourKites because they are at the cutting edge of technology and offer a far superior value proposition.”

Dave Walker, FourKites Chief Revenue Officer, commented on the thriving partnership, “Dupré very quickly became a FourKites’ success story: we quickly onboarded all of their trucks with ELD devices and their dashboard map was active with live loads, each with its own robust profile of shareable and reportable information. We’re looking forward to enhancing their capabilities in the future to add even more value to their supply chain.”

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About Dupré

Dupré Logistics, LLC is a privately-held provider of transportation and logistics services that include energy transportation, dedicated contract carriage, logistics, and freight brokerage. Dupré is headquartered in Lafayette, LA, with operations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For more information, visit

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