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Coronavirus is in the news. It is likely to stay in the news for some time. Here are 20 thinks to know – or consider – surrounding coronavirus and business contingency planning.

1. The raw math of how bad this crisis could be is alarming. For the flu, every person that gets the virus infects on average about 1.3 other people. For coronavirus it is 2.2. The death rate for the flu is one tenth of one percent. For coronavirus it is said to be 1.5 to 2.0 percent. The percentage of people that need hospitalizations is most alarming. One report says it is 25 percent.

2. The infectability rate is not a constant, or a rate of greater than 1 would mean everyone in the world would catch the disease. For the flu, good weather brings a drop in the rate. For the more serious coronavirus, quarantines are the main tool used by health authorities lower the infection rate.

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