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Supply Chain Visibility Data for Less-than-Truckload Tracking

FourKites’ Less-than-Truckload Visibility offers unprecedented line of sight into your LTL shipments.

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Less than Truckload

After implementing FourKites’ LTL platform, one of America’s largest food producers experienced 87% more accurate ETAs when compared to industry standards, as well as a 1-hour arrival time window, compared to median industry-average windows of 600+ minutes.

Dynamic ETA® and Machine Learning Analytics for LTL

With LTL ETAs that are 6x more accurate than industry-standard delivery windows – down to mere hours, not days – you can strategically plan your routes to optimize for both cost and efficiency.

Leveraging the world’s largest network of logistics data, FourKites has revolutionized LTL visibility by applying machine learning to 3.2 billion tracked LTL miles and 1.3 trillion transit patterns. FourKites’ Dynamic ETA® for LTL adjusts in real time with every update and status change, offering a much-needed alternative to the status quo.

Less than Truckload

“The ability to proactively manage exceptions for LTL shipments means better planning, smoother operations and improved visibility for customers. Predicting accurate arrival times for LTL loads has always been one of the harder problems in supply chain. This is a genuine breakthrough in real-time visibility, and we are happy to have collaborated with FourKites to help make this innovation happen.”

Dustin Braun, Senior Director – Logistics, Land O’ Lakes


Less than Truckload

LTL Visibility, from Start to Finish

With FourKites, PRO numbers are assigned at load creation, eliminating the need for you to match freight to PRO numbers. From beginning to end of your freight’s journey, you’ll know exactly what’s arriving, and when. FourKites is integrated with the top-25 carriers covering 85% of nation’s freight, and is always working to improve coverage.

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Accessible, Comprehensive Documentation Across Your Supply Chain

One of the most daunting aspects of LTL visibility is the number of stakeholders involved. But with FourKites, all parties involved in moving your freight will have easy, centralized access to the necessary documentation, such as PODs, BOLs, weight certificates and more.

Less than Truckload

“We’re managing more than 400,000 active, temperature-controlled loads annually. To continue to be a trusted partner, we needed cutting-edge technology to help us better manage and measure our performance. With FourKites, we can identify and mitigate inefficient processes, unexpected delays, equipment failures and more as they occur. We can troubleshoot the loads that are predicted to be late, rather than focusing man-hours on shipments that we know will deliver on time.”

Nick Cook, CIO and Vice President of Operations for Frozen Food Express

The LTL Revolution is Here

Drive efficiency, predictability and cost-savings throughout your supply chain with the only machine learning-powered Dynamic ETA for LTL.

Discover how  FourKites’ market-leading LTL solution delivers never-before-seen visibility into your most complicated loads.

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Less than Truckload

Track your LTL shipments like never before

Only FourKites provides real-time tracking and highly accurate delivery windows for your LTL shipments through its 170+ carrier integrations. Never miss out on critical updates including transit times, terminal updates, carrier appointment times and ETA.