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Mary HeiserDirector, Industry & Product Marketing, FourKites

As COVID-19 continues to strain global supply chains, real-time visibility – coupled with timely communication – is more critical than ever. We’ve previously discussed the importance of proactive customer communication; an equally important piece of this equation is optimizing cross-team communication within a company. Shippers often have separate track-and-trace and carrier manager teams that need an easy way to communicate status updates on priority loads across different shifts and stakeholders. This is even more challenging with many teams working remotely during the current public health crisis.

What can you do?

  • Proactively log updates on priority loads in a place that’s visible to multiple teams. While email is often the default for inter-company communication, it can easily become hard to keep track of, especially across large teams working multiple shifts.
  • FourKites allows users to send and receive updates on a load that are visible to all stakeholders. The messages are saved directly in the load card to allow for better cross-functional and around-the-clock communication.

  • These updates can also be viewed by the carrier, to ensure alignment on priority loads.

FourKites is committed to helping companies mitigate supply chain disruptions during this unprecedented time. Contact us for more information.

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