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Mary HeiserDirector, Industry & Product Marketing, FourKites

COVID-19 is causing delays for supply chains around the globe. From electronics to household items, consumers can expect shipping delays of up to nine weeks according to one estimate! As such, customer service teams must find a way to efficiently and proactively communicate delays to their customers throughout this ongoing crisis.

What can you do?

  • Identify regions and shipments most likely to experience delays (leverage this free real-time cross-border map for visibility), and quantify the delay impact so customers have an idea of when they will receive their orders. Maximizing transparency and communication is crucial; as ETAs and availability change over the coming weeks, be sure to reach out to customers early and often with updated information.
  • FourKites makes it easy to identify loads impacted by COVID-19. For instance, you can configure a custom rule in the platform to notify customers when a load’s origin is in an affected region and is delayed by a given timeframe. From here, customer success teams can proactively reach out to those impacted by that delay to communicate an updated timeline.

FourKites is committed to lessening supply chain disruptions during this unprecedented time. Contact us for more information.

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