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September 2023
Supply Chain News to Know


News To Know


As the seasons change, so do the issues facing supply chain professionals. Fortunately, many are making the investments needed to stay nimble. Let’s dive in.

  The Lead: A Striking Moment
Lori Ann LaRocco writes for FreightWaves that “logistics and supply chain experts are sounding the horn warning that the ripple effects of the targeted United Auto Workers strike against the Detroit Three will hit the trucking industry hard and could leave the smaller tier 2 and 3 suppliers filing for bankruptcy.” FourKites data shows that between August 20 and September 14, approximately 8% of all OTR auto shipments from Mexico to the U.S. have been rescheduled.

A work stoppage could reignite supply chain issues across all tiers of part suppliers and logistics service providers (LSPs). Companies might rush to modify purchase orders, causing a ripple effect across the entire network, including a reduced need for transportation. This could lengthen the recovery period for some LSPs who are beginning to dig out of the freight recession and cause prolonged bloat in available capacity.”
— Tom Gregorchik, Vice President, Industry Strategy, FourKites

LaRocco notes that the impact of the decrease in parts moving out of plants will impact not only the trucking industry, but also dealership supply chains across the country.

  In View
smiley face Freight procurement can be tricky — especially for a company like Simmons, a farm-to-fork poultry manufacturer. In this case study published on Forbes, Steve Banker outlines how, with the right tech investments, Simmons has maintained both cost-efficiency and high service levels, all while fostering stronger partnerships with their carriers.

articulated-lorry_1f69b.png As regulations evolve, technology advances and driver demographics shift, the road ahead promises both challenges and opportunities for the transportation sector. FourKites’ Glenn Koepke, VP of Industry Strategy, assesses where things go from here in this Food Logistics Q&A with Marina Mayer.

money bag In his latest for Forbes, FourKites founder and CEO Matt Elenjickal argues that CSCOs and CFOs must partner more closely than ever to find a balance between cost optimization and smart investments that enable companies to do more with less. Read on for his advice on how to find that equilibrium.

Panama Flag Mother Nature continues to throw curveballs at supply chain professionals. In this piece for Sourcing Journal, Glenn Taylor looks at how retailers are contending with drought-induced restrictions at the Panama Canal.

  Numbers to Know
Meat, Produce & Dairy Shipments Up YoY While Others Lag
Due to persistent inflation and consumers increasingly prioritizing value while reducing spending, food and beverage companies have experienced a slowdown in shipment volumes. Specifically, alcoholic beverages and packaged foods saw a decline of over 8% and 9% compared to the previous year, respectively.


Words of Wisdom
Transportation data has so many applications and use cases to enable decision-making beyond transportation — upstream and downstream, provided that data is contextualized in the right way for specific processes and workflows.




  • We hosted over 700 supply chain professionals at Visibility 2023, where attendees connected, learned and heard what’s next for FourKites and the supply chain visibility industry. Did you miss the event? Check out the highlights and read what industry analysts had to say. At the event, we also had the opportunity to celebrate our customers’ and partners’ achievements, ingenuity and collaborative initiatives that bring unprecedented value to complex supply chains. Read about their accomplishments here!
  • At Visibility, FourKites Chief Product Officer Priya Rajagopalan unveiled FourKites’ latest innovations, including Fin AI, FourKites’ generative AI solution to help companies respond to supply chain disruptions, and My Workspace, a customizable dashboard that displays connected insights from across the FourKites product suite in a single, unified view.
  • In this blog post, Glenn Koepke explores the factors complicating international shipping today — and how shippers can optimize their networks for smoother sailing.
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