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The Challenge

A leading U.S. paper supplier wanted to reduce the number of trucks showing up late for pickups. Lack of visibility over some loads meant that company personnel couldn’t notify customers proactively, resulting in lost efficiency for both the company and its customers. As the major paper supplier transported its loads via a combination of truckload, LTL, and rail, the company needed a robust multi-modal solution that could provide on-demand visibility into its shipments and alert supply chain execution teams whenever a shipment was running behind, so that the company could notify its end-customers early and avoid unexpected late deliveries.

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FourKites Solution

The major paper supplier added FourKites as an integrated piece of its transportation management solution. FourKites first scaled its core tracking capability across the company’s operation, quickly expanding to include customer management and tagging tools. FourKites successfully onboarded the company’s carrier base and leveraged unique LTL data partnerships and real-time rail tracking to get the company’s carrier network up and tracking. In an on-site visit to the company’s headquarters, FourKites personnel trained company users to function autonomously on the platform, without needing to rely on FourKites for assistance with most questions.

How A Large Paper Supplier Used FourKites To Deliver Better Customer Service, Faster
How A Large Paper Supplier Used FourKites To Deliver Better Customer Service, Faster


Using FourKites, the paper company’s track and trace and customer service teams are able to much more easily keep tabs on trucks and relay that location information back to customers in an actionable way. The platform’s encrypted link URL feature allows the company to send customers secure tracking data on individual loads, which are updated in real-time whenever the customer checks in. FourKites’ notification rules allow company super-users to autonomously trigger alerts to their team members whenever a truck is late to a pickup or if there is any other change in load status. Meanwhile, FourKites’ saved filters and other enterprise capabilities make it easier for the company’s on-the-ground personnel to see the loads they need to work with as soon as they’ve logged in. That’s the power of supply chain visibility, redefined.

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