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The Challenge

A major office furniture manufacturer was looking to improve its delivery to job sites, where synchronizing with construction crews was important to avoid costly downtime.

The company wanted to better calculate the precise arrival times of long-distance deliveries, traveling through busy, densely-populated areas.

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FourKites Solution

The company chose FourKites to track outbound deliveries to job sites and inbound deliveries to furniture dealerships. By utilizing FourKites’ best-in-class geofencing capabilities, the company learned exactly when loads were about to leave pickup facilities, and what weather conditions those loads would encounter en route. Using historical travel time averages and predictive weather and traffic, FourKites calculated exact estimated times of arrival, which the company could then share with customers via a secure, encrypted link, or use to inform their own internal supply chain processes.

Through accurate tagging of loads in FourKites, the furniture manufacturer was able to create notifications for individual projects, giving on-site construction site managers precise and detailed visibility into when and where trucks would be.

How A Large Furniture Maker Used FourKites to Differentiate On Last Mile
How A Large Furniture Maker Used FourKites to Differentiate On Last Mile


Using tag feature grouping, the furniture manufacturer was able to enhance customer experience and streamline internal operations. People on job sites didn’t have to stop what they were doing until the truck was near its final delivery location, improving productivity and enhancing the overall customer experience. This improved customer experience gave the company a point of differentiation over its competitors.

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