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Paul HowardProduct Marketing Manager, FourKites

Organizations are built to put their customers first. But as business and their supply chains have become more complex, they are continually increasing the layers of people or companies that are considered critical partners — all of which can get in the way of A+ customer support, unless those critical partners are working in sync.

We now have dynamic global supply chains, direct-to-consumer solutions, robust technology stacks and uniquely defined roles from company to company. Many shipments cross multiple modes, are managed by third parties and carry impacts to whole organizations. As such, data clarity, strong communication and effective decision-making are critically important every step of the way.

It’s no surprise, then, that the way we cater to — and communicate with — our partners now carries with it new pressures to make those relationships more profitable, valuable and sustainable. Our recent release, focused on enhancing carrier collaboration and success, is directly tied to improving these relationships. From faster and stronger carrier onboarding to optimized route management to an instant messenger communication tool, FourKites is innovating for logistics partners at a breakneck pace.

Evolution in Carrier Visibility

The early days of supply chain visibility in many ways facilitated a one-sided track-and-trace relationship between shipper and carrier. As customer needs evolved, carriers were called and emailed constantly for location updates and other load-specific details. The carrier gained no value from this system, and partnership with a new broker or shipper brought additional processes to manage.

With these new product enhancements from FourKites, visibility becomes a benefit for everyone — not just shippers. Carriers can leverage technology to streamline tracking, enhance communication strategies, and jump into exception management with shippers and brokers, rather than fielding countless calls and requests for updates on loads.

“FourKites gives us the ability to manage ELD onboarding in a way that provides the security our carrier base is looking for. Just as important, it gives value back to the carrier and incentivizes them to do more business with us. It’s a win for everyone.” – George Henry, SVP of Logistics, USA Truck, Inc.

Value from Every Interaction

Carrier collaboration means partnership every step of the way. As carriers move past being just another trucking company for their shipper clientele, they gain deeper insight and impact within their customers’ business decisions and strategy. FourKites helps to promote that evolution with stronger ELD connections, instant messenger communication and route optimization for drivers.

These tools, in turn, improve efficiency and simplify operations for carriers, empowering them to offer better service to the other customers within their network. A healthy carrier community, powered by strong digital connections, empowers shippers and brokers to build confident, agile supply networks and paves the way for continued growth and collaboration.

“As ELDs have become the industry standard, the need to connect to them effortlessly and with a high degree of trust has become a necessity. FourKites’ Partner Hub is the tool we’ve been waiting for to help quickly onboard new carriers at the ELD level, sparing their drivers the effort and pain associated with app-based tracking.” – David Broering, President, North American Non-Asset Solutions, NFI


When a shipper or freight broker is considering a real-time visibility provider, the goal should be to increase efficiency and promote stronger partnerships. FourKites’ latest innovations show that our platform is built to innovate and help all parties win — together. As FourKites’ Founder and CEO Matt Elenjickal has said time and time again, “Logistics is a team sport,” and current and future customers will benefit from collaborative and industry-leading data quality, carrier onboarding and implementation processes. For shippers, stronger collaboration with your carrier network is the secret sauce to best-in-class customer service.

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