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Steve RotterChief Marketing Officer, FourKites

Visibility 2022 is just days away! By now your bags are packed, you’ve found a loved one to take care of your pet, and you are set to journey to Chicago to join over 800 of your fellow supply chain leaders to share best practices, brainstorm solutions to maximize the ROI of supply chain visibility, and learn about the latest innovations trending across our industry.

It’s been an interesting few years, to say the least, punctuated by Zooming from one meeting to the next, and we cannot wait to see the (now expanded) FourKites community in person again next week! The magic of our global community is how we come together to overcome challenges, increase performance and help others make better decisions in the work we do. The Visibility conference is an unbeatable opportunity to celebrate those successes and share strategies for an even better year to come.

The name of our conference says it all: Visibility. FourKites’ mission is to provide visibility everywhere, and everything we do is in the pursuit of providing transparency and clarity all along the supply chain. So with that spirit of Clarity in mind, I wanted to share the Four Cs of Visibility 2022 that will make this year’s event like none other: Community, Collaboration, Customer Journey and Celebration!


Where else will you find more than 800 supply chain leaders gathered in one room, focused on the issues and solutions that matter most in today’s supply chains? This group of people is from over 250 companies, responsible for transporting millions of annual shipments, totaling half a trillion dollars in freight spend, and connecting 50% of the Fortune 500 across more than 200 countries. They are feeding families around the world, keeping us warm, providing necessary medical supplies, keeping our shelves stocked and so much more.

And those are just the attendees! Our presenters hail from the top echelon of household brands: FedEx, Mary Kay, Coca-Cola, Zebra Technologies, Cardinal Health, Boston Beer Co., Bayer, Serta Simmons Bedding, Smithfield, Nestlé — the list goes on. At Visibility, attendees will encounter a diverse world of solution-driven experts ready to help you take your company to the next level.


Everything at Visibility 2022 is about individuals and companies collaborating to share best practices and drive innovation across our industry. In addition to inspiring and thought-provoking panels and presentations, Visibility will feature networking roundtables, innovation workshops with FourKites engineers, intimate executive gatherings and other opportunities to work together and get to know each other.

We’re proud of and grateful for our history of close collaboration with our customers, and we pride ourselves on building our product roadmap in a way that directly responds to our customers’ most pressing needs. Did you know that 90% of FourKites customers actively contribute to the IdeaExchange, our open forum for customers to share best practices? In fact, 1 in 5 suggestions makes its way onto FourKites’ product roadmap. To date, the forum has generated nearly 200 platform capabilities, such as proactive detention alerts and configurable ETAs.

At Visibility, our customers even have the opportunity to vote on the product feature they want us to focus on the most in the coming year — and we make that promise! This is something we’ve done at every Visibility conference since our inception, and it is a tradition that we proudly carry on.

Customer Journey

Maximum collaboration will lead to maximum visibility in your business, which is the theme of this year’s conference. This year’s sessions are all about helping our customers get the most business impact out of real-time visibility, and helping them reach new heights through supply chain optimization.

Throughout Visibility 2022, attendees will learn about the five distinct stages of the customer journey — from seeing and responding to external events, all the way up to automating and optimizing the end-to-end supply chain — and they’ll hear from FourKites customers about their journey through this process and their own unique success stories of digital transformation.

Attendees will return home empowered to leverage visibility to achieve their unique business goals. They will learn more about why Gartner ranked FourKites the highest for Fortune 500 businesses with complex business needs, and they will have made new connections in the FourKites Community who can empower them to take action against their plan.


Together with our customers, we have driven the supply chain industry forward while navigating an unprecedented collision of global events. Over the course of this tumultuous year, we grew our customer base by over 80% to now over 1,100 customers, there are more than 640,000+ carriers in our network and we have experienced nearly 60% growth in shipment volume on our platform. We announced exciting new collaborations with FedEx and Narvar to deliver greater end-to-end visibility; we launched exciting new products, including new capabilities for Dynamic Ocean® and expansion of our Appointment Manager™ solution into Europe; we completed a major platform upgrade and new FourKites Community programs; we enhanced our Sustainability Hub to more accurately track saved emissions, benchmark progress against industry averages and help our customers meet their sustainability goals; and much more!

These accomplishments are a true testament to our incredible customers and partners who innovate alongside us in their relentless pursuit of improved supply chain performance. Cheers to an amazing year, and many more to come!

But before we embark on the next phase of our journey, we’re excited to close our laptops and spend two amazing days together with our Community to celebrate our collective accomplishments. And although only a few customers will take home a Golden Kite trophy, we should all take a moment to revel in just how far we’ve come.

We can’t wait to see you in Chicago!

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