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Naomi_NewmanNaomi NewmanVP, Corporate Communications & Product Marketing

We recently interviewed Carlos Kokron, Vice President, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and Managing Director at Qualcomm Ventures to discuss the future of supply chain networks. As the venture capital arm of Qualcomm Incorporated, Qualcomm Ventures is dedicated to investing in companies driving innovation, with a focus on 5G, artificial intelligence, connectivity, automotive, enterprise and cloud, and the internet of things (IoT).

Qualcomm participated in FourKites’ recent Series D growth financing round to help FourKites advance supply chain visibility and connect disparate systems. In our talk, Carlos told us why he’s so excited about this investment opportunity, and how Qualcomm Ventures plans to collaborate with FourKites in the years to come.

Q. How do you see FourKites alleviating pain points in the supply chain?

A. We see the supply chain growing increasingly complex, and this provides endless  opportunities for FourKites to lead. Logistics teams face a myriad of pain points, from crowded loading docks to slow productivity, and FourKites is leveraging IoT solutions to streamline processes through visibility solutions. Visibility is the natural evolution of the supply chain and, as a proven and quickly growing innovation leader, we’re inspired by how FourKites is driving a more connected, customized and dynamic supply chain.

We were quite impressed by FourKites’ position as a leader in real-time supply chain visibility, and the breadth and depth of their solutions.

Q. How does Qualcomm Ventures plan to work with FourKites?

A. Our investment in FourKites provides us with a front-row seat to the rapidly evolving supply chain visibility theater, and a seat at the table with the leading solutions provider. This allows us to identify opportunities to continue to build and deliver winning solutions that will accelerate the growth of the industry.

Q. What role does IoT play in supply chain advancements?

A. With over 6.5 billion connected devices in the world, virtually everyone working in the supply chain has access to a device or two. IoT is a key linchpin of digital transformation, and FourKites has successfully demonstrated its power. There are many ways in which IoT helps drive supply chain effectiveness and efficiency, including improving lane efficiency, reducing costs and reducing carbon footprints.

You can catch the entire interview with Carlos below.

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