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It’s become a bit of a mantra for me: The supply chain is practically bursting with tremendous, pent-up value that we have only just begun to tap. And as the predictive supply chain visibility movement grows and extends into new areas of supply chain operations, every company in the network stands to gain tangible business value from a more connected and collaborative supply chain. 

We have now taken another giant step forward in this journey – and another industry-first! Yesterday, we announced that FourKites has acquired TrackX Holdings Inc.’s Yard Management, Dock Management and Gate Control solutions. Why is this so important to the industry? Because, for the first time, enterprises will be able to proactively manage yards and warehouses based on real-time signals from trucks in transit and trucks onsite. 

We call it Dynamic YardSM. You can think of it as the newest green field of opportunity, where we pump value into the supply chain by shedding light where there hadn’t been any before. After all, warehousing and yard management – like so many other aspects of supply chain operations – has been forever functioning in a silo. And while technology has increasingly been coming to the yard (e.g., IoT devices, sensors, autonomous trucking), it’s an area that has still been highly disconnected from what’s happening in real time with shipments in transit. 

No longer.

FourKites’ real-time in-transit data, integrated with real-time yard data, will revolutionize how enterprises manage yard activities and warehouses. With real-time access to live incoming truck arrival information, yards and warehouses will be able to better plan and optimize their operations at every facility through a single system. Dynamic Yard will bring much-needed transparency and efficiency to shippers, carriers that operate large trailer pools, and marine terminals, alike. 

To help us create this new Dynamic Yard category, TrackX was a highly attractive partner from multiple perspectives. First, the company is extremely well-regarded for product excellence. That philosophy meshes perfectly with FourKites’ commitment to technology innovation and product leadership. In addition, the TrackX team is highly knowledgeable about the many complexities of the yard, not to mention customer pain points and needs. I feel confident in our ability to quickly integrate our portfolios to create the industry’s most advanced, cloud-based platform for unified yard management. 

To our new customers coming aboard from TrackX, welcome to FourKites! And welcome to the world’s largest network of global shippers, carriers, brokers and 3PLs. I want to personally share with you that FourKites’ DNA is and always has been “customer-first”, and our product roadmap is a reflection of our deep collaboration with the broader visibility community. We look forward to hearing your voices, and to creating a new era of Dynamic Yard together.

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