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Seve CarneraSolutions Consultant, FourKites

When deciding how to manage yard operations, it can be tempting to search for the least expensive option, even conceding some very important features in order to keep costs down. This becomes even more tantalizing when the warehouse management system that you’ve budgeted and gotten approval for offers select functionality at no additional cost. Don’t fall into this trap! There’s a reason WMS providers are able to do this: They know that despite their minimal investment in yard functionality, the offer will increase your dependence on their software, regardless of whether it truly meets your needs.

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There are immense benefits to investing in a solution that caters to the unique needs of your yard, even providing site-by-site configurability to make sure you’re consistently operating at maximum performance. In order to determine if this investment is right for your organization, it’s important to know the facts. To demystify the yard management software shopping experience, we’ve put together a quick checklist capturing the most sought-after features in a yard management solution.

When deciding between a dedicated yard management solution and a warehouse management system with YMS features, it’s vital to clearly define what you need out of the software. Take inventory of the most important features, noting which areas of your yard operations are most costly and least efficient (these are commonly one and the same, but they might not be).

Feature WMS YMS Dynamic Yard
Yard management is primary focus
Tiered for enterprise scalability
Agnostic WMS integration
TMS and WMS integrations
Reports and KPIs
Ability to manage performance via cross-org and site-specific reporting
Site-specific configurations
Integration with real-time in-transit visibility
Intuitive driver application
Carrier self-service portal
Trailer status notifications for carriers
Check-in and out against attributes
Automatic appointment reschedule
Trailer inventory mapping
Configurable, automated spotter task creation
Automated trailer validation
Automated door/location validation
Temperature and reefer management
Auto-trailer inventory via RFID and GPS


In a recent survey of more than 300 Fortune 500 companies across all major industries, findings revealed that 92% of respondents were confident that a yard management software solution could help them operate more efficiently, at a lower cost. The 92% rate is even more powerful when you consider that 34% of those survey respondents already had a WMS system in place. Implementing the right yard management solution for your business — one that is robust, with purpose-built functionality curated to your unique yard challenges — can make all the difference. Consistently, implementations of Dynamic Yard result in customers’ surprise at the many lesser-known ways a YMS provides value.

So, while it might be tempting to go with the free yard management software features made available through your warehouse management system, it’s important to keep ROI in mind, considering the cost of neglecting to optimize yard operations now. As you grow, it will only get more difficult and costly to implement the solution, as YMS technology is becoming a competitive necessity.

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We know that there are many yard management solutions to choose from. And while we’re confident that we offer the best on the market, we know that you may have questions and want to take a deep dive into the world of yard management. To help with your research, we have put together a comprehensive resource for YMS discovery. If you’re interested in learning more about Dynamic Yard, please visit our website to learn more.

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