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Courtland HalbrookGeneral Manager, Facilities Products, FourKites

Yard management systems (YMS) help logistics managers nimbly orchestrate trucks, trailers and other vehicles as they enter and exit the facility by making the whole process visible through a single pane of glass. As demand shock and labor shortages have created a bullwhip effect across the supply chain, shippers not using a YMS have found themselves at a disadvantage compared to their fully-digital peers.

Throughout all of our partner conversations, a common theme emerged: supply chain costs are out of control. The yard continues to be an untouched opportunity to reign in inefficient practices that only perpetuate the issues.

To better support those needing a robust yard management solution, FourKites acquired multiple powerful tools and recently announced that they’ve been brought together to advance our Dynamic Yard management system, creating a more seamless experience. This is a major milestone as we continue executing our vision of creating the world’s most comprehensive supply chain visibility platform.

The now-native integration between Dynamic Yard and the FourKites platform unlocks a new level of innovation and connectivity between the yard and supply chain, improving end-to-end visibility.

Using All Modes, All Nodes and All Signals to Change the Yard

While current YMS solutions excel at keeping yards organized, we’ve uncovered a strategic advantage in harnessing end-to-end network data to optimize yard processes. The central idea is that with greater and extended visibility, teams are empowered with detailed information ahead of time to avoid costs, improve workplace safety and operate as efficiently as possible.

We want shippers to use advanced visibility of their network to master their dock schedules. Rather than relying on a carrier to reach out or for a tracer to ping a GPS unit, Dynamic Yard’s integration into the FourKites network automatically tracks the truck for each scheduled appointment to provide current ETAs. Since we track over 2 million daily shipments, our ETAs are the most accurate in the industry, allowing dock managers to trust this information and make informed decisions for their facility.

Embedding Dynamic Yard into the FourKites platform offers an industry-first solution that puts individual appointments in-tune with an end-to-end network. While the face value of that advantage is maximized precision, when coupled with SKU-level visibility, a whole litany of service and cost improvements are unlocked — especially for those operating in a service-intensive environment.

A Driving Force For Innovation

Our teams are focused on driving innovation to the yard – and while the unification of the systems is a major step in executing on our vision, we’re not done yet. Our pipeline for new features and capabilities is teeming with more industry firsts thanks to enthusiastic customers co-innovating alongside us. We’ve already rolled out Auto Product Protection, the industry’s first YMS process to alert facilities to refrigerated shipments in the yard that are at-risk while eliminating the need to perform manual yard walks to check fuel and temperature. These innovations continue to solve cost and service problems plaguing shippers in every industry. By integrating data from across the network into a seamless solution that connects TMS, WMS and visibility solutions, we can deliver insights in a robust platform designed to empower your teams to drive success.

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to see our cost savings estimates for your facility, let us know – we’re ready to help.

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