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FourKites API - Comprehensive and Collaborative Supply Chain Data

Data is your biggest asset

Unlock powerful two-way connections with the FourKites platform, and leverage data insights from the world’s largest network of shippers, carriers and 3PLs. FourKites API suite eliminates data silos and works with your existing systems enabling you to make better, more proactive supply chain decisions.

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Build with FourKites API Suite

Powerful APIs

Our wide range of supply chain APIs means you will find the right API for your unique needs


Rich Data

Our wealth of data across modes provides the perfect canvas for you to build your next great application


Global Network

The unparalleled depth of FourKites shipper and partner network ensures your project can scale successfully

“Some of CN’s largest customers are partnered with FourKites. Through close collaboration, CN and FourKites create value for customers by combining CN’s API data and FourKites’ visibility platform to improve overall supply chain operations.”

Get more from your data with FourKites APIs

Gain visibility across all modes

Up-to-the-minute status updates, automatically pushed into your systems; no manual intervention required.

APIs connect the following modes: OTR (TL, LTL, Parcel), Rail, Ocean, Air


Eliminate Siloed Systems

Easily connect FourKites’ data to other systems, such as your TMS, ERP, and data warehouse, to build custom reports, applications and dashboards.


Trusted Process & Support

Today we support our clients and partners at a scale of millions of Production API calls per week, across 8 endpoints hosted under 2 distinct bundles – Load Visibility and Carrier Visibility

“Use Tracklight to share the location of your trailers with your customers using FourKites’ supply chain visbility platform. Indeed the use of APIs between AnyTrek and FourKites makes it possible to simplify the task.”

Explore our API Product Packages & Bundles

Real-Time Visibility Platform Packages

End-to-end real-time visibility solutions across all modes. Leverage FourKites’ capabilities including shipment status, updates, exceptions, accurate ETAs and much more.

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Shipments Visibility

Get shipment list and details


Share Shipment Status

Shipment & stop level eURLs



Create, update and delete shipments on the FourKites platform

Order Visibility

Targeted for shippers and 3PLs to leverage order creation, updation and tracking capabilities of the FourKites platform.

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Create Order

Create loads linked to purchase orders, directly on FourKites’ platform


Update Order

Update loads linked to purchase orders with appointment, pickup and delivery information, directly on FourKites’ platform

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