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The new integration eliminates complex data structures and provides total transparency across the end-to-end supply chain within a simple, modern interface

New York – April 17, 2023 – Prompt Global, a software provider that builds solutions for supply chain data management and connectivity, today announced a new integration between leading supply chain visibility platform FourKites® and global logistics execution platform CargoWise. By leveraging Prompt’s streamlined integration with FourKites, CargoWise customers can benefit from a modern, integrated platform that provides end-to-end real-time supply chain visibility, along with FourKites’ highly accurate estimated times of arrival, and location and status updates.

By building the new standard for platform-to-platform integration, Prompt aims to eliminate the friction that often exists when working across multiple software platforms. “Platforms can no longer afford to be disconnected from freight and transportation management systems,” said Robert Petti, Founder and CEO of Prompt. “Forwarders and their customers have different data needs, leading to complexities such as which data is relevant, and what makes it relevant to a specific organization or individual?”

With the new integration between Prompt, FourKites and CargoWise, any CargoWise customer can leverage Prompt services to connect the FourKites platform with CargoWise, without the need for drawn-out and expensive development processes. “We’re looking to set the new standard for integrations and provide the industry with the connectivity they need to improve their processes, their customer experience and, ultimately, their bottom line,” Petti adds.

RCS Logistics, one of the world’s leading independent logistics service providers, recently leveraged Prompt’s unique integration to facilitate the seamless transfer of FourKites real-time supply chain data into CargoWise. By pushing specific data into its freight management system (FMS), RCS’s internal teams and customers can now benefit from automated, real-time visibility into the status and location of shipments in transit and at rest, all over the world.

“Previous to the Prompt-CargoWise integration with FourKites, we felt like we needed to improve the real-time visibility and data analytics that many customers needed in today’s supply chain,” said Mike Urban, Manager BI & Pricing, RCS Logistics. “Now, we are able to support data-driven decisions through a scalable tool that provides the visibility to make us — and our customers — much more successful.”

The RCS and FourKites partnership is already yielding positive results; since deploying the FourKites platform in Q3 2022 to track ocean, drayage and OTR shipments, RCS has achieved 7x growth in its domestic transport services, while its ocean freight business has grown 12x.

“The Prompt-FourKites integration illustrates how supply chain visibility solutions can collaborate across the ecosystem to modernize operations, even when working with complex FMS data structures,” said Mathew Elenjickal, CEO of FourKites. “Ultimately, every freight forwarder in the world should be able to plug FourKites data into their FMS or TMS platform of choice without having to worry about disruptions or additional costs.”

FourKites and Prompt intend to expand this initial integration to include the industry’s top FMS and TMS platforms.

About Prompt

Prompt provides supply chain companies with the functionality they need to improve how their current logistics technology stack works for them. Without replacing any existing software, Prompt enhances key high value-add functions such as rates management and data visibility. Working with more than one third of the top 25 freight forwarders as well as SMB forwarders globally, Prompt is helping them to better connect with the world to improve customer experience.

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