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In 2019, the Trading Partner Alliance (TPA) joined forces with FourKites and some of the nation’s leading shippers to take a collaborative, data-driven approach to minimizing dwell.

Join our webinar with the study’s executive sponsors from FMI and the Consumer Brand Association. We’ll discuss:

  • What root causes lead to extended dwell time
  • How to optimize warehouse processes for better performance
  • How to evaluate facility performance through data
  • What results are possible by reducing dwell times


Steve BankerVice President, Supply Chain Management, ARC Advisory Group
Marjorie DePuySenior Director, Supply Chain and Sustainability, FMI The Food Industry Association
Keith OlscampDirector, Industry Affairs, Consumer Brands Association
Priya Rajagopalan - Chief Product Officer
Priya RajagopalanChief Product Officer, FourKites

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