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Look beyond the daily firefighting and see the bigger picture — supply chain disruption is here to stay, but you can take steps today to make your operations more resilient, more agile and create value for your business.

Watch the following webinar to hear real-life examples of supply chain transformation directly from the leaders that championed these inspiring projects within their organizations.

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Redefining (and Achieving!) World-Class Customer Service with Real-Time Visibility

As supply chains and customer requirements become increasingly complex, achieving excellence in customer service requires new tools so your teams can do more with less. Moving away from manual processes and daily firefighting to focus on value-added tasks is the way forward. In this session you’ll hear how two leading companies are creating standout experiences for their customers using FourKites.

Varsha BaligaFourKites
Tony PooleKimberly-Clark Corporation
Karen HeltonAce Hardware

How Innovative Shippers Leverage End-to-End Visibility for More Efficient and Reliable Air and Ocean Shipping

True end-to-end supply chain visibility, unhindered by blind spots or bottlenecks, is attainable if you have the right tools and partners. In this session you’ll hear about the process from Zebra Technologies and IFP (International Forest Products), two of FourKites’ most innovative customers. Zebra Technologies will share how it improved visibility and collaboration with freight forwarders on their air shipments. You’ll also get a look at the Dynamic Ocean platform and hear how IFP has revolutionized the efficiency and performance of its international freight management operations using the tool.

Kim Segal, Director of Transportation at Zebra
Kim SegelZebra Technologies
Charlie CunnionInternational Forest Products
Chris Stauber
Chris StauberFourKites

Unlocking the Full Capacity of Your Dock & Yard

Increased detention, dwell and disruptions have highlighted the critical role yard management plays in today’s supply chain. As the bridge between warehouse and transportation, your yard management strategy can create valuable opportunities for agility and efficiency. In this session you’ll hear how FourKites Dynamic Yard is creating new opportunities for efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain.

Tom FranceTrane Technologies
Courtland HalbrookFourKites