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Executive Customer Advisory Board Member

When you look at transportation and the supply chain in general, the transparency component is becoming more and more important for all parties involved. But probably even more important is that there’s a lot of good that can come with the data to drive efficiencies in the broader supply chain — whether that’s site appointment management to a variety of different KPIs and report outs that can be built.

Brian Stoufer has 25+ years experience in the transportation and warehousing industry. Brian has been with Conagra Brands for 18 years, and is currently the Senior Director of Transportation. Brian leads a team responsible for procuring, planning and managing a network of approximately 300,000 loads annually across multiple modes and over 200 origins.

Brian has held positions in Warehousing and in the Project Management Office. He has been a lead team member on several integration and supply chain projects. His team has successfully conducted several collaborative RFPs and network projects resulting in improved service and driving cost optimization. Brian was lead for the transportation system and process project that resulted in the implementation of a best-in-class system (OTM).

With Brian’s leadership, his team has enacted reporting and process improvements enabling productivity not achieved before. Recently Brian led the team through the implementation of a shipment visibility and appointment system, leveraging best in class systems and processes to streamline both tracking and appointments with carriers and facilities.