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Network Visibility for The Boston Beer Company Suppliers

Improve customer experience through collaboration and real-time visibility.

Network Visibility for Boston Beer Company Suppliers

The Boston Beer Company & You: Winning together with shared visibility from FourKites

With the largest network of logistics tracking data and proprietary machine learning technology, FourKites’ real-time visibility platform gives companies the power to maximize efficiency, avoid risk and delight customers with improved transportation operations.

As a valued supplier of The Boston Beer Company, connecting to FourKites is easy and it enables you to reap the benefits of the industry’s most advanced real-time visibility platform.

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What You’ll Get from Sharing Visibility

When you connect to FourKites and share a load through Network Visibility, you gain access to the platform’s valuable tools for tracking and managing your shared shipments.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Improve on-time delivery performance and allow customers to plan ahead with automated notifications and with prescriptive recommendations


Lower Operating Costs

Reduce dwell time and detention charges origin and destination


Improve Efficiency

Eliminate manual track-and-trace processes and allow staff to focus on managing by exception or other value-add tasks

Network Visibility for Boston Beer Company Suppliers

Why does The Boston Beer Company want shared visibility from its suppliers?

In addition to the benefits listed above that all shippers gain with FourKites, tracking inbound loads will provide additional value across many areas of The Boston Beer Company business, including:

  • Warehousing & Distribution: Reduce labor costs, maximize dock utilization and plan appointment times using accurate predictive ETAs
  • Procurement: Improve forecast accuracy, reduce stock availability issues, gain transparency in sourcing, ensure network is optimized
  • Logistics: Increase user efficiencies with automated notifications and alerts, identify backhaul and carrier re-load opportunities

What’s Involved in Getting Connected?

The Boston Beer Company and FourKites will work with you on a visibility plan. Depending on how your logistics network is operating, FourKites offers a flexible solution to capture the shipments as well as tracking of the carriers. Options include:

  • Connect your TMS to FourKites through an API or CSV connection
  • Have a real time visibility provider already? Connect your provider to FourKites through an API Connection
  • Manual load entry option is available for shippers with small load volumes or limited technical capabilities.
  • Most carriers are typically in the FourKites network of carriers, if they are not, the FourKites team will onboard the carrier to connect to the ELD/GPS or utilize mobile app tracking.
Network Visibility for Boston Beer Company Suppliers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for this project?
The Boston Beer Company is looking to begin onboarding activities immediately to support a complete program launch in Q2 of 2022.

Is my data safe? How can I control what is shared?
As a SOC-2 audited company, FourKites takes data privacy seriously. Suppliers can choose which delivery locations they share with The Boston Beer Company, as well as applying data masks to elements that the supplier may want to keep private, including carrier name.

Will I have access to the FourKites platform to see the loads that are tracking?
Yes, each supplier will be given access to the FourKites platform with full functionality to track the loads delivering to The Boston Beer Company locations.

How do I connect to FourKites to provide this visibility?
FourKites has a number of flexible options to allow load creation, ranging from a daily spreadsheet email upload to an API connection.