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Shipment tracking is problematic in the logistics world for those who don’t have constant visibility to it, but for those who do, it serves as a time-saving efficiency driver. In turn, a lack of visibility can have a detrimental effect on many parts of a business, including:

  • Higher detention costs because of long wait times or missed/late load fees
  • Decreased employee efficiency attributed to spending time calling carriers to find their locations
  • Decreased customer satisfaction; reactive approach as opposed to proactive with shipment updates
  • Cost of inventory, if unaware of a load’s location or actual shipped quantity, additional stock is then ordered or produced

Transportation Management software solutions provide increased efficiency in loading, routing, and management of transportation resources, but due to the robust network of carriers across multiple platforms they are limited in the status updates they can provide. This is where FourKites comes into play as a valuable partner, with the largest predictive supply chain visibility platform – home to a network of over 4 million GPS/ELD devices covering all modes of transportation.

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