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With the holiday shipping season beginning a crucial stretch this Thanksgiving weekend, freight carriers will share the road with up to 4 million more cars than in 2020. Major U.S. metro areas could see traffic congestion two to four times worse than usual right as LTL and parcel shipments pick up in advance of Black Friday and the Christmas shopping season. On top of all that, some intense storms could hit the Northeast and Midwest this holiday weekend.

“This year’s calendar adds urgency for shippers,” Ken Adamo, DAT’s chief of analytics, told FleetOwner. “After Thanksgiving, just three business days remain in the month and businesses are motivated to get freight out the door before Dec. 1.”

LTL and parcel shipping speeds can slow by 20% this time of year, as retail shipments surge, according to Glenn Koepke, SVP of customer experience at FourKites, a supply chain visibility platform and transportation technology company.

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