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How to Increase Yard Productivity

With multiple work streams converging at once in your yard, keep tasks aligned and enriched with real-time data to ensure the best outcome for all involved. Dynamic Yard seamlessly combines your different operating groups into a single pane of glass to give them the benefits of real-time visibility to the yard.

Increase Yard Productivity

Increase Gate Guard Efficiency

Carriers arrive with the same check-in form already pre-filled with their appointment’s information. Scannable codes and IoT devices streamline their entry while capturing critical information.

Improve Spotter Accuracy

Equipment inventory can be tracked either by GPS or IoT to provide a live map of all trailers on-site. Spotters can quickly surface the location of their next unit to pull to avoid slow downs while teams wait for trailers to be located.

Increase Yard Productivity
Increase Yard Productivity

Optimize Dock Worker Productivity

Prescriptive tasks based on worker location keep teams moving in between loads, improving safety and accuracy and avoiding the need for over-time. With ETAs in-hand for inbound capacity, teams can prioritize based on real-world data rather than a schedule.

Reduce Carrier Time in Yard

Tasks are automatically assigned to the driver via mobile device, with the ability to capture critical information, BOL, POD, images and more. Instructions can be configured for either live, drop & hook or drop loads with assignments for outbound loads.

Increase Yard Productivity
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Yard Management Software Solutions to Optimize Time and Capacity in the Yard

Find out how Dynamic Yard leverages real-time visibility to solve your most pressing yard management problems.

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Increase Yard Productivity
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