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Put Your Data to Work With FourKites Data Science

We believe in putting data to work to make our platform and your ecosystem work better for you. We use powerful machine learning to give you real-time visibility into your freight, and provide deep, actionable insights to help you make smarter decisions along every step of the journey.

Data Science

Tracking hundreds of thousands of shipments a day in over 50 countries, we are able to spot trends and draw connections to ensure that your loads arrive on time, every time. From predictive ETAs to recommended appointment times, we help you turn your supply chain data into meaningful insights that maximize productivity, reduce fines and inventory, and keep your facilities running efficiently.

Harness the Power of Machine Learning

Data is at the foundation of everything we do. Our advanced machine learning algorithms empower our customers to move faster, and with greater accuracy, than ever before.


More Data, Richer Analytics

With the largest network of shippers in the world, we’re ingesting data across all modes, and in every region of the world. This enables us to identify trends and patterns to help keep your supply chain running smoothly, regardless of mode or geography.


360-Degree Supply Chain Visibility

With FourKites, we strive for visibility without boundaries, extending well beyond identifying the location and ETA of a shipment. Our algorithms help you improve facility operations, optimize lanes for round-trip opportunities, and predict transit risks to help you identify the best routes. Gain 360-degree visibility into your operations for a definitive competitive advantage.


Leverage Trusted Data

Data is your biggest asset. We monitor all of your integrations into FourKites to ensure your data is seamlessly ingested, normalized, and up-to-date within the FourKites platform.

Start Enhancing Your Supply Chain

Discover how one Fortune 50 auto manufacturer saw an ETA accuracy of 95% with FourKites’ Dynamic ETA.


Data Science

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