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Pouring Profits:

The Power of Supply Chain Visibility in the Beverage Industry

The beverage supply chain is a complex web of production, distribution, and retail operations that often leverages both in-house production and third party co-packers.

From sourcing raw materials to delivering the finished product to consumers, each step of the process requires careful management to ensure timely and efficient delivery. And with customer expectations higher than ever, it’s never been more important to ensure your supply chain can deliver.

Supply chain visibility platforms are a critical tool in helping top-performing Fortune 500 beverage companies build a resilient supply chain that ultimately drives revenue and customer loyalty, while minimizing logistics and transportation costs. Here’s how…

1 Keep production on schedule.

From CO2 to plastics and packaging, raw material shortages are wreaking havoc on beverage supply chains. With visibility into inbound shipments from suppliers, beverage companies can stay ahead of potential delays. In addition, real-time transit data can be leveraged when performing network models to support green and brownfield studies about where you invest in your future infrastructure.

 There’s so many unknowns: ‘Where’s my truck? Who’s the carrier? Is this ETA accurate?’ And to answer those questions, it’s a manual process that requires picking up the phone and sending an email. Whether it’s the folks on the dock or the individuals in procurement actually ordering those materials, they’re able to leverage FourKites to really cut down on that manual work so they can focus on other important parts of the business. 

– Erik Widestrom, Transportation Lead, Supply Chain Transformation, Boston Beer Company

 Boston Beer Co.

 We really went from admiring ‘well this would really be cool’ to ‘I think this technology is a business essential,’ and we very quickly got FourKites in. Now, you look at some of the other CPGs and we’re seen as one of the best performing in terms of on-time delivery. These tools have allowed us to raise the bar. 

– Rob Haddock, Group Director Planning & Logistics, Coca-Cola North America


2 Reduce transportation costs.

OTIF requirements are tighter than ever due to narrowing delivery windows. Supply chain visibility platforms unlock the data companies need to understand root causes behind OTIF, detention, and other accessorial charges. Optimize your network across lanes and carriers to improve on-time delivery, and leverage real-time alerts to manage exceptions as they arise.

3 Bring new products to market faster.

The pressure to innovate has never been higher. As consumer trends come and go, the time between R&D to on-shelf availability is shrinking, and beverage companies need a supply chain that can keep up. Supply chain visibility helps you monitor new product launches from first to final mile, and gives your teams the intelligence they need to achieve growth in an increasingly competitive market.


of US spirit drinkers are considered “pioneers”

Pioneers are far more likely to adopt new trends first. It’s important to engage the pioneer market with innovative products. (Nielsen IQ)

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in-stock position achieved by Coca Cola Consolidated after implementing FourKites’ supply chain visibility platform, while reducing their inventory costs.

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4 Keep up with demand volatility.

Never miss a sale due to a stockout. Companies can use supply chain visibility data to predict demand patterns, optimize production schedules, and reduce waste. They can also collaborate with retailers and distributors to better align supply with demand in real time.

5 Hit your sustainability goals.

Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, but few companies have the data to make informed decisions when it comes to their greenhouse gas emissions. Supply chain visibility platforms can track the transportation emissions for each load in your supply chain, so you can take steps to lower your carbon footprint and monitor trends over time.


of total greenhouse gas emissions in the US are from transportation.

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