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Do you have a team of people who spend their time:

  • calling carriers
  • checking websites,
  • filling out spreadsheets with EDI data
  • answering endless inquiries from internal and external customers about where a truck is

It’s an all too familiar story for retailers across the country.

One logistics disruption can cause:

  • missed deliveries
  • detention hours
  • countless phone calls
  • empty shelves
  • lost profits

FourKites real-time tracking platform gives you and your customer service team access to location information for all of your shipments, regardless of carrier, and can easily be integrated with your TMS.

Our goal is to enhance your customer service and streamline your logistics operations by:

  • eliminating phone calls
  • reducing detention hours
  • giving you 100% visibility of all of your shipments

Retail leaders trust FourKites.

Want to learn how to add visibility to your retail supply chain? Are you looking to enhance your retail logistics? You can find more details below or request more information here.

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