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Pete JendrasFounder and Managing Director, NIC-place

The humanitarian situation in Ukraine is growing more dire by the hour. People throughout Europe are offering help and support by organizing collections of necessary supplies for the Ukranian people. To ensure that these goods arrive efficiently at their destination, our teammates at NIC-place, a FourKites company, along with our partner Unterer Logistics, have organized free transports of these relief supplies from numerous collection points throughout Europe to the EU-borders with Ukraine.

In this effort, both Unterer and NIC-place have donated 10,000€ to help pay for diesel, tolls and other transport-related costs. In addition, Unterer Logistics is providing its European network of assets for these transports, while NIC-place will provide live transport tracking from the points of collection to the individual destinations. This tracking will guarantee full transparency and visibility on where goods have been delivered, ensuring that donations successfully reach those in need.

This morning, March 2, we shipped our first free transport from Switzerland to the reception camp in Lublin, Poland. The donations were organized by the Permanent Representation of Ukraine with the United Nations in Geneva.

The current tour can be tracked directly via this link.

As certified specialists for food and pharmaceutical transports, both NIC-place and Unterer Logistics are experts at handling perishable and temperature-critical goods, such as fresh food, baby food and medical supplies.

Unterer and NIC-place are making our resources available to any collection point in Europe that organises relief supplies for Ukraine and needs transport capacity (40 tonne trucks) on a larger scale.

Collection points can contact: [email protected]

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