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Let’s face it: for people in logistics, like you, getting information about a shipment to your customers could be better. The truth is: there’s a lot of data to be captured that could help you make smarter decisions. Say you’ve got a shipment coming in soon, so, you give the truck driver a call to find his position, and then call him again, and again. That doesn’t sound too pinpointed, does it?

A variety of systems aren’t much better: email, fax, EDI. None of those are going to tell you locations in real-time. Plus, many of these systems don’t talk to each other very well, either. That’s why it’s time to say hello to FourKites.

FourKites is a cloud-based platform that accurately delivers your data you need on truck positions to trading partners in the supply chain, all in real-time. Once the carrier provides its permission to enable real-time tracking, FourKites immediately retrieves the vital location data necessary, thanks to our partnership with several telematics providers. Users from anywhere in your organization can access and contribute to the FourKites system. Rather than being locked into the typical carrier portals, EDI, and email technologies, FourKites uses it geofencing and telematics partnerships to alert your systems to prepare for an impending truck arrival.

Privacy and security is important too, which is why FourKites will only share telematics with those customers you’ve explicitly given us permission to do so. You can consistently monitor and ensure that no unauthorized party is tracking your trucks. For extra peace of mind, FourKites can provide you with a daily report that shows exactly which trucks were tracked, for how long, and by whom.

For carriers, FourKites doesn’t cost a thing and there’s no IT work required from your side either. It’s the most intuitive, hassle-free way to envision your supply chain, the way you’ve always wanted to. FourKites: take the new road to smarter communication for logistics.

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