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Megan UithovenMegan UithovenSenior Director, Community & Product Operations, FourKites

Last month, we held our inaugural Demo Day — an exclusive customer-only event where FourKites product managers led six fast-paced demonstrations showcasing the latest FourKites innovations. The sessions ranged from elevating the customer experience to outsmarting transportation risks with AI-powered features, all created to help our shipper and 3PL customers maximize the benefits of supply chain visibility.

Demo Day provided an opportunity for our customers to connect directly with product managers, as well as with each other, and that’s the real power of the FourKites Community: Bringing together our customers — supply chain leaders from the world’s largest companies — so we can collaborate together and unleash the power of our network.

As we highlighted our latest innovations and walked through examples of how these solutions can help our customers improve communication, create a more sustainable supply chain, and even improve a driver’s experience at their facility, customers asked questions, collaborated in the chat and participated in polls, sharing insights and best practices from their own organization.

Here are a few highlights of what we covered at Demo Day:

FourKites Introduces Dynamic Ocean®

Customers who attended Demo Day were the first to hear about our recent acquisition of Haven, Inc., a well-established leader in international ocean shipping, document management and tracking. Along with the acquisition, we introduced Dynamic Ocean, our next-generation ocean platform that redefines end-to-end management for international ocean shipments.

During our Dynamic Ocean demo, we shared a sneak peek into some of the features coming to this new platform, including document management, collaboration and support for bookings and real-time tracking — all available for the first time in one single interface. We’re excited to welcome the Haven team to the FourKites family, and to provide our customers with the most comprehensive end-to-end international visibility platform.

Improving the Driver Experience Is Top of Mind

One of the highest attended sessions focused on an often-overlooked aspect of the supply chain: improving the driver experience. Focused specifically on the driver experience while in a yard, one of our product managers shared how bringing the core competencies of visibility to the yard can drive better execution of yard tasks. This approach orchestrates a better experience for the driver at the gate and within the yard, ultimately decreasing the amount of time needed to complete tasks. At FourKites, our objective is to streamline the driver’s time in the yard, so they can get back to where they want to be: on the open road.

Collaboration Is the Name of the Game

It’s no secret that our customers play a critical role in powering the innovation engine here at FourKites. They’re our biggest advocates, and also our greatest source of ideas for new products. During Chief Product Officer Priya Rajagopalan’s opening session, she highlighted that our FourKites Innovation Partners contributed to 68 feature and product enhancement ideas through the FourKites IdeaExchange!

The IdeaExchange is a feature within the FourKites Community where customers can request new features and product enhancements, upvote other customers’ ideas, and help guide the FourKites product roadmap toward the projects that will yield the greatest business value. Our product managers, in turn, review and provide status updates for every idea that customers submit. This creates a direct feedback loop between the FourKites product development team and our customer base.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Demo Day attendees and look forward to hosting our second event next spring. FourKites customers can access all of the Demo Day recordings and resources, as well as continue the conversations with their supply chain peers, in the FourKites Community.

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