Recommendation Engine

FourKites Recommendation Engine enables users to proactively manage their supply chain with prescriptive recommendations, from pickup to delivery. Recommendation Engine identifies blind spots along each shipment’s journey, giving you the ability to transform risks into opportunities to delight customers.

Arrival recommendations

We make it easy to know when drivers must arrive at origin facilities to ensure freight is delivered on time to its final destination.

Departure recommendations

FourKites breaks down visibility barriers, ensuring that you always know when loads need to leave the origin facility. Recommendation Engine can also help you identify potentially late loads before they’ve even been picked up.

Appointment reschedules

In the event of irrecoverable loads, FourKites sends new appointment recommendations to avoid missed appointment fees.

Transit risks

We help you plan shipment routes in advance, and provide insights on ETA risks throughout a shipment’s journey. And when a shipment deviates from its route? We’ll send you a real-time alert.

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