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Today’s businesses are being hammered by rising supply chain costs and ever-escalating expectations for service. As supply chains come under scrutiny, one of the easiest places to make gains in cost and service oftentimes goes unnoticed.

In this webinar find out how daily life within your facilities’ yards are adding weight to your supply chain budget and silently chipping away at your service metrics and what to do to stop it.

Watch now and discover:

  • Why your yard is the frontline in your battle against cost & service
  • How fixing budget inflation starts in the yard & how fixing service issues starts with the yard
  • How an advanced YMS pays for itself while empowering your teams to operate at less cost and higher efficiency.


Chris BrumettVP, Facility and IoT Solutions, FourKites
Raj PatelVP, Industry Strategy, FourKites
Courtland HalbrookGeneral Manager, Facilities, FourKites

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