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Prevailing just-in-time supply chain models have for years allowed shippers to reduce costs and operate at maximum efficiency, but this lean strategy has also led to more risk and complexity in the current market. Many shippers who rely on just-in-time supply chain operations have struggled recently in the face of constant exceptions and disruptions.

Watch this webinar with leaders from Zebra Technologies as they discuss:

  • How the just-in-time supply chain model creates a trade-off between efficiency and risk in the current market
  • How shippers can balance efficiency and resiliency in their global supply chain
  • Real-world examples from Zebra Technologies on how they balanced this trade-off with an end-to-end visibility solution


Mary Anne HensleyVP of Sponsored Content Operations, Freightwaves
Fab BrascaEVP, Industry & Market Strategy, FourKites
Kim Segal, Director of Transportation at Zebra
Kim SegelDirector of Global Transportation, Zebra
Andre LuechtGlobal Practice Lead, Transport & Logistics, Zebra

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