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Supply chain visibility has many benefits for shippers improving on-time delivery, reducing operating costs, increasing customer satisfaction and those benefits often take center stage. But the advantages of supply chain visibility can extend to carriers, too!

From maximizing profitable equipment utilization to ensuring the safety of assets and drivers, advanced tracking tools and the data they collect give users the ability to manage their operations more effectively than ever before.

During this on-demand webinar, industry experts Joel Stamp from General Mills, Jason Eversole from FourKites, and Mary Anne Hensley from FreightWaves cover the following topics:

  • How General Mills applied supply chain visibility to overhaul its logistics performance and improve relationships with carriers
  • The ways supply chain visibility can help you weather the storm of rate and capacity fluctuations in the transportation industry
  • What best practices carriers and shippers can use to maximize the value of supply chain visibility for their organization
  • Why choosing the right supply chain visibility provider can greatly impact shippers’ carrier relationships


Mary Anne HensleyModerator, FreightWaves
Joel StampManager, Transportation Business Partner Engagement & Capabilities, General Mills
Jason Eversole FourKites headshot
Jason EversoleDirector of Carrier Strategy, FourKites

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