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Executive Customer Advisory Board Member

I’ve been in the planning space, from supply chain software to supply chain design to supply chain execution for the last 20 years and that’s why I have the passion I do around visibility. I know what I can see, and I’m well aware of the blind spots in our supply chain and how closing those can improve everything from productivity and efficiency to customer experience. Visibility is the next frontier of having the perfect frictionless experience.

Brett Frankenberg is the Senior Vice President of Product Supply Planning & Bottler Sales for Coca-Cola Consolidated Incorporated (CCCI) based in Charlotte, NC. CCCI is the largest Coke Bottler in the United States and distributes Coca-Cola products throughout the Southeast, Mid Atlantic and parts of the Midwest. Brett and his teams are responsible for Network Design and Optimization, Demand Planning, Supply Planning, Transportation, Inventory Policies, and detailed Production Scheduling of CCCI’s 13 Manufacturing Centers and deployment of inventory to CCCI’s 80+ distribution facilities.

In a career spanning over 25 years with CCCI, he has worked in Operations Warehousing, Training, Logistics & Transportation, and Supply Chain Planning. Brett is a New Jersey native, earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Penn State University and received his MBA from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.