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The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Manufacturers

Overcome supply chain chaos with real-time visibility, and learn how leading manufacturers like Dow, Bayer, and Eastman Chemical are using FourKites to mitigate risk, reduce disruption and create an exceptional customer experience.

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Real-time visibility is your secret weapon to combat the biggest challenges facing manufacturers today:


Eliminate Data Silos

Real-time visibility platforms harness the power of AI to transform your data into actionable intelligence. You can predict late orders, identify a solution, and recover the sale in just a few clicks.


Maximize Workforce Productivity

Stay ahead of rapidly evolving customer expectations and labor shortages by automating manual tasks and leveraging data-driven insights for faster decision-making.


Reduce Risk in Your Supply Chain

With customers depending on your products, you need a supply chain you can depend on. FourKites helps you build trust through safe, fast, and compliant delivery.


Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Understand the greenhouse gas emissions of your freight, choose efficient modes and carriers, and monitor trends over time to stay on track with ambitious sustainability targets.

With this guide, you’ll discover:

  • Why supply chain visibility should be at the core of your digital transformation strategy
  • Proven ways to maintain quality assurance and compliance in your supply chain
  • How to leverage AI to tackle disruptions
  • … and much more!

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The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Manufacturers Process
The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Manufacturers Process

What’s in the Guide?

  1. [Video] Adapting your Global Supply Chain to Climate Change
  2. [eBook] Defeat Disruption with an Agile Manufacturing Supply Chain
  3. [Webinar] Supply Chain Transformation at a Massive Scale with Cardinal Health
  4. [Report] The Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Closing the Visibility Gap
  5. [Webinar] How to Change Course When the Unexpected Occurs
  6. [Webinar] The Art and Science of Making Sustainability your Competitive Advantage

Download the Guide

The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Manufacturers

Download the Guide

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FourKites is the #1 provider of end-to-end, real-time visibility with predictive ETAs and real-time status for shipments in transit and in the yard. No more surprises and siloed systems… Just agility, efficiency and seamless collaboration. Learn more.

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