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The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Grocery Retail Shippers

Overcome supply chain chaos with real-time visibility, and learn how leading shippers like Tyson, Walmart Canada and Meijer are using FourKites to transform their supply chains from a cost center to a strategic advantage.

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Collection of Resources for Retail Supply Chain Management

Real-time visibility is your secret weapon to combat the biggest challenges facing shippers today:


Improve Customer Service

Leverage real-time supply chain visibility to predict disruptions before they arise, automate shipment status updates to your customers, and optimize your supply chain network to deliver on time and outperform the competition.


Optimize Workforce Productivity

Between labor shortages and never-ending supply chain disruptions, shippers need to automate to survive. Visibility platforms surface actionable insights and streamline communication between stakeholders, so your employees can focus on value-add tasks.


Take Control Of Your Product Availability

Amid ongoing ocean chaos, raw material shortages, and higher-than-ever expectations for speed, shippers need visibility into their inbound supply chains to keep production running smoothly and fulfillment on track.


Eliminate Data Silos

Real-time visibility platforms harness the power of AI to transform your data into actionable intelligence. Leverage powerful supply chain insights to adapt to changing consumer preferences, mitigate disruptions, and achieve sustainability goals.

With this guide, you’ll discover:

  • How Fortune 500 retailers are using real-time visibility to eliminate out-of-stocks
  • How to maximize workforce productivity with automation
  • How to put sustainability into practice in your logistics operations
  • Proven strategies to overcome supply chain disruptions
  • … and much more!

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The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Grocery Retail Shippers
The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Grocery Retail Shippers

What’s in the Guide?

  1. [eBook] The Supply Chain Leader’s Playbook: Maximizing Labor Efficiency With Real-time Visibility
  2. [eBook] The Secret to Unlocking Micro-Fulfillment Speed is in Your Yard
  3. [eBook] Supply Chain Visibility: Helping You Get Ahead: 3 Predictions for Grocery Supply Chains in 2022
  4. [Case Study] How FourKites Helped Unilever South Africa Overcome Border Delays in a Pandemic
  5. [Case Study] How One Distributor Cut Manual Tasks and Boosted Revenue With Real-Time Visibility
  6. [Webinar] End-to-End Visibility and Intelligent Forecasting of Fresh Produce

Download the Guide

The Ultimate Supply Chain Resilience Guide for Grocery Retailers

Download the Guide

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FourKites is the #1 provider of end-to-end, real-time visibility with predictive ETAs and real-time status for shipments in transit and in the yard. No more surprises and siloed systems… Just agility, efficiency and seamless collaboration. Learn more.

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