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FourKites partners are leveraging real-time supply chain visibility data to improve operations far beyond transportation logistics

CHICAGO — Aug. 29, 2023 — Leading supply chain visibility provider FourKites today announced that the world’s top supply chain technology innovators will gather at Visibility 2023 to demonstrate the power and value of sharing real-time visibility data across supply chain ecosystems. FourKites technology partners, integrators and consultants will demonstrate to attendees the vast potential for real-time data to drive greater collaboration and smarter, faster decision-making across the end-to-end supply chain — from manufacturing, sourcing and planning, to the yard, distribution and end consumer.

The logistics industry has long been hamstrung by siloed data trapped in an increasingly complex stack of supply chain systems — enterprise resource planning databases, demand planning systems, transportation management systems, control towers, data lakes and BI solutions, to name just a few. FourKites and its technology partners are breaking down these silos, making the world’s largest supply chain dataset available to every critical system, application and user.

Armed with massive volumes of real-time internal and external supply chain data — including port delays, GPS, traffic, weather and terminal events — FourKites is layering on market-leading AI and machine learning to provide customers with deep, actionable insights. Together with ecosystem partners, FourKites can further contextualize this data to improve an array of different supply chain processes and workflows.

For example, SAP Business Network for Logistics leverages FourKites to help customers better plan warehouse deliveries, take action on delayed shipments and make more informed decisions across their entire supply chain. Likewise, leading provider of supply chain management solutions, Kinaxis Inc., combines its patented technique of concurrency with real-time visibility data to improve end-to-end orchestration across supply, demand, inventory, orders, scheduling transportation and more.

“With the integration of FourKites’ real-time insights and visibility data into Kinaxis’ platform, we’re helping customers become more nimble and agile within their supply chain management and execution processes,” said Vijay Natarajan, Vice President of Business Consulting at Kinaxis.

FourKites’ annual Visibility user conference convenes over 700 of the world’s most preeminent supply chain leaders. This year’s event is held against a backdrop of accelerating innovation and an industry-wide focus on enhancing real-time supply chain execution capabilities, with investments in the latter projected to increase fivefold in the next three to five years. Visibility 2023 is highly curated to give attendees the opportunity to connect, learn and innovate so that they can harness the full power of the FourKites network with downstream customers, upstream suppliers and ecosystem partners.

“FourKites’ Visibility conference brings together not only the world’s premier shippers and carriers, but also the technology innovators and consulting partners they rely on for their transformations,” said Fab Brasca, Chief Strategy Officer at FourKites. “There is no silver bullet for every supply chain problem. Rather, shippers are building out a tech stack to digitize their entire supply chain. And at the center of the ecosystem, there must be actionable insights powered by real-time visibility data.”

The FourKites partners and solution providers sponsoring Visibility 2023 include:

  • Platinum: Justransform
  • Gold: Manhattan Associates
  • Silver: Autoscheduler.AI, Kinaxis, OneRail, Relex, SAP, SMC3, SPS Commerce and Zebra Technologies
  • Additional Sponsors: Amazon AWS and Pando

Visibility 2023 will kick off on September 6 with a networking happy hour welcoming all participants, and will conclude on September 7 with a reception at Navy Pier.

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