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FourKites Advanced Shipment Security Features

Reduce risk and keep your shipments safe with real-time visibility and the most advanced security and compliance features available.

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Secure Shipments

Ensure Security and Compliance

Monitor security and compliance throughout your shipments’ journey by setting up custom zones, which alert you when your truck enters, exits, or stops in a custom-defined area. Keep your trucks out of high-risk areas that could result in product damage or delays.

Prevent Theft

Trucks are most vulnerable to theft in the first 200 miles from the origin facility. Our red zone functionality allows you to configure custom alerts when a truck stops in a high risk area, so you can check in and ensure your freight is safe.

Secure Shipments
Secure Shipments

Ensure Route Compliance

Leverage our off-route alerts to know immediately if your truck deviates from its usual or most optimal route, so you can get it back on track for on-time delivery.

Overhead Shipyard

“Our team has been able to set up zones to proactively alert when a carrier begins heading toward a trouble spot so that we have time to react and get the truck turned around before we end up with damaged product. This is really a game changer for us as well as the carriers.”

Fortune 500 Food & Beverage Company

Patented and Powerful Machine Learning

We’ve developed some of the most sophisticated machine learning technology in the world to give you greater insights, greater predictability and greater confidence. Here are just a few examples:

  • Dynamic LTL ETAs based on 1.3 trillion LTL transit patterns, resulting in 6x more accuracy.
  • Recommendation Engine combines real-time data and millions of historical shipments to recommend your optimal departure time.
  • Smart Forecasted Arrival, a patented innovation, uses 1 billion+ tracked miles and neural network models to predict when your shipment will arrive… even without real-time tracking.
Secure Shipments
Overhead Shipyard

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