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Recommendation Engine - Actionable intelligence at your fingertips

FourKites uses billions of data points and powerful machine learning to give you prescriptive recommendations from pickup to delivery.

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Recommendation Engine

Powerful, Predictive, Proactive and Peace of Mind

We leverage the largest network of supply chain data on the planet and most advanced machine learning to give you valuable insights across your supply chain. The FourKites Recommendation Engine uses a combination of historical data – such as average dwell at origin facility – and real-time transit conditions – such as traffic and weather – to make proactive recommendations in real-time to mitigate potential problems before they occur.

Real-Time Data = Real Results and Real Value


On-time…Every Time

Receive predictive insights and real-time alerts on potential delays and reduce fees related to late reschedules, detention and missed appointment times.


Surprise Your Customers

Notify customers in advance of late deliveries on irrecoverable loads and proactively recommend best reschedule times for unachievable appointments.


Unlock Productivity Across Your Teams

Give your teams the insights they need, when they need it. Eliminate time consuming manual processes and fire drills reacting to unexpected changes.

Recommended Arrivals and Departures

Know when your drivers need to arrive at the origin facility to ensure on-time delivery. Know when the load needs to depart from the origin facility, and identify potentially late loads before they are even picked up.

Recommendation Engine
Recommendation Engine

Appointment Reschedules and Transit Alerts

Get recommendations on new appointment times to avoid late deliveries or rescheduling fees for loads that were picked up late or delayed in transit. Plan the shipment’s route in advance, and gain quantified insights on ETA risk. Get real-time alerts when the shipment deviates from the optimal route.

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“The potential to preemptively identify and manage appointment and transit exceptions before they occur allows us to manage ‘out of window’ shipments in real time. This level of proactive concentration allows us to be exception-based, to resolve issues before it’s too late and to communicate any required changes ahead of time to improve our overall performance.”

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Patented and Powerful Machine Learning

We’ve developed some of the most sophisticated machine learning technology in the world to give you greater insights, greater predictability and greater confidence. Here are just a few examples:

  • Dynamic LTL ETAs based on 1.3 trillion LTL transit patterns, resulting in 6x more accuracy.
  • Recommendation Engine combines real-time data and millions of historical shipments to recommend your optimal departure time.
  • Smart Forecasted Arrival, a patented innovation, uses 1 billion+ tracked miles and neural network models to predict when your shipment will arrive… even without real-time tracking.
Recommendation Engine
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