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Lane Connect: Eliminate Empty Miles with Network Partnerships

Unlock the Hidden Capacity in Your Freight Network with the World’s Largest Real-Time Visibility Network

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Lane Connect

More Shippers = More Data = More Value

With FourKites, you connect to the largest global network of vendors, shippers, retailers, carriers and 3PLs on the planet. Over 1,500+ of the world’s most recognized brands are tracking over 3.2 Million Shipments every day which gives you unprecedented opportunities to create real collaboration across your supply chain.

FourKites analyzes millions of historic lane patterns and uses advanced machine learning to help you remove empty miles in your supply chain. Lane Connect automatically evaluates your internal freight networks for opportunities to consolidate lanes into a single round trip and can help you establish partnerships to find mutually beneficial overlapping lanes to share capacity.

How FourKites Lane Connect Helps You Drive Efficiency and Sustainability


Reduce Empty Miles and Costs

Identify round-trip opportunities in your own networks, and uncover overlapping lanes with other companies


Achieve Your Sustainability Goals

Eliminate unnecessary miles and significantly reduce your carbon emissions


Increase Collaboration Across Your Supply Chain

Create a foundation to share resources across overlapping lanes and build successful long-term partnerships

How Land O’Lakes and Coca-Cola Eliminated Empty Miles With Visibility

FourKites’ Lane Connect has empowered dozens of the world’s leading shippers to identify more than 1 million common freight lanes, and has given them more than 8 million opportunities to take advantage of empty trailers to transport goods, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 6 billion metric tons.

“We’ve talked for years at conferences and industry gatherings about the potential of sharing capacity on our overlapping lanes, but the technology we needed to make it happen was never quite ready. Now that it is, the sky is the limit.” Coca-Cola North America

“We have data within our four walls, but we don’t understand everyone else’s data, and the back and forth used to really slow us down. To me, the biggest thing that has changed is visibility. We can work faster — together — if we have visibility to each other’s data.” Land O’Lakes

Lane Connect

Unlock unprecedented levels of efficiency and visibility in your supply chain

With Lane Connect, you can evaluate your network for round-trip opportunities and collaborative lanes. Opt-in to the Lane Connect network today and start building your ecosystem of partners!

Unlock Hidden Capacity in Your Freight Network

Learn how companies are leveraging Lane Connect to establish successful partnerships and transform their supply chains.


Lane Connect