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When the pandemic began, it became vital to have visibility into the medical supply chain owing to the dramatically increased use of resources across healthcare sectors.

That’s why in Spring 2020, as COVID-19 ravaged its way through the country, Cardinal Health partnered with FourKites to address its urgent need to meet surging demand for respiratory health and PPE products in certain regions.

Cardinal Health Logistics VP Joshua Dolan came in with a bold vision that established our North Star: a “frictionless experience” for Cardinal Health’s customers up and down the supply chain, all the way to the person needing healthcare, via “a next-generation cognitive supply chain network, which combines real-time supply chain visibility, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities to facilitate the unencumbered flow of inventory throughout the supply chain.”

Together, we worked against a set of very aggressive deadlines. Just six weeks after the ink dried on our contract, we were tracking the first set of Cardinal Health loads.

Together, we innovated and built courier tracking, which is especially important for the storage and delivery requirements of many vaccines. It was an industry-first, down to tote- and pallet-level details, and you can see it in action in the screenshot below.

Together, we put all of the critical information that Cardinal Health needs to run a world-class logistics operation to be readily available at its control centers. And together, we’re bringing Cardinal Health’s vision of a cognitive supply chain to life, proving the power of real-time visibility to optimize workflows, accelerate the flow of critical goods, and deliver tangible value to everyone in the healthcare ecosystem.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There’s more we can and will do with Cardinal Health to build from here, but we would like to take a moment to thank the unflagging work and exemplary collaboration between so many people at FourKites and at Cardinal Health to expand to cover the courier mode, and for pioneering tracking at the tote and pallet level.

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